New Mizuno MP-20 irons and T20 wedges revealed at the Open chapionship

The most noticeable change in the MP-20 is the re-introduction of copper underlay between the Grain Flow Forged heads and chrome plating. Last seen in Mizuno’s much revered MP-29, MP-14 and the legendary TN87 – copper underlay was originally used to adhere the chrome plating to forged steel. Re-introduced in Japan’s domestic Mizuno Professional line in 2017, testing suggested that the legendary feel of the older blades was most likely due to that layer of copper.

Mizuno’s post showing a raw copper head (which was being used to explain the process to Mizuno’s players and media) – quickly became its most discussed image ever posted on social platforms.

The MP-20 series is comprised of 3 models – the MP20 muscle back with tapered blade, its MP-20 HMB (Hot Metal Blade) and a much fined version of the MMC. Each of the models designed to be easily mixed and matched within custom sets. Left handers should be delighted to know that the they have access to a Mizuno blade for the first time since the MP-68. This time from 5-PW with the MP-20 HMB 3 and 4 iron as part of the MP20 SEL (Special Edition Leftie).

Mizuno’s T20 wedges complete the new line up and continues the new tapered blade theme. Mizuno quickly discovered that its players weren’t happy to see the back of its T-Series wedges in 2018. Its subsequent S18 wedges, though commercially successful didn’t make many bags on tour. So when the T7 Raw finish was continually spotted through 2019 in the hands of Eddie Pepperell and Luke Donald in particular – it was clear that the T series needed to return quickly. Available in 3 finishes – including a Raw option, the T20 looks ready to reset Mizuno in the better players wedge category.